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Reasons Why Ballpoint Pens Still Work

Of all the different inventions of man, It must be the ballpoint pen that have seen various alterations and patents obtained over it by different people with every new change it underwent. Ballpoint pens came as a different form with its advantages at a time when fountain pens were having no competition. Being easy to maintain and not as messy, it did not take long for the ballpoint pens to create their own mark in the world of writing.

Most of us can’t imagine leaving the house without a ballpoint pen tucked in our bag or briefcase; some people even carry them in all colors. Suitable, simple-to-use and affordable, this writing tool has enabled countless individuals over the world to get rid of fussy fountain pens.

Ballpoint pens make use of a small rotating ball at the tip of it that spreads the ink over the sheet of paper following the pattern used to write each character. The ink is kept inside a reservoir, which is usually a thin plastic tube. The ink that comes from these types of pens dries quickly on the paper, avoiding any sort of spillage. While the ball is able to rotate freely, it’s still held tight by a socket. The rolling mechanics of these ballpoint pens sets the ink onto the paper in the manner the writer wants it to emerge and at precisely the same time seals the ink from drying up in the filler.

Clearly, the ballpoint pens differ greatly from the fountain pens.

o You don’t have to fill the ink each time you are writing and you can still use it for several days altogether.

o You get a consistent writing without overflow of ink all over the place. In other words, your paper stays tidy.

o As soon as you complete the ink you can throw the pen away and buy a new one. Ballpoint pens are much cheaper than fountain pens.

o You’re able to write quicker with ballpoint pens compared to when using the fountain pens.

o Ballpoint pens possess inks of a huge array of colors which range from bright pink to the darkest black. These pens may have caps or no caps. Pens without caps operate on the retreating technology in which you press the knob in the rear tip of this pen and the nib will come out in the opposite end.

o Today, you can find ballpoint pens in different types like erasable pens, simple grip pens, space pens etc. Various companies have come up with innovative designs and technology in the industry. The majority of them may be readily browsed online and you may buy the pen from your computer without leaving your house.

As a matter of fact, writing has become less today with computers and I-pads. However, nothing has so far replaced the ballpoint pens which you can always use to scribble something fast.

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